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Since 1998, NRP (NRPGroup, Inc.) has been established to globalize an innovative Biocatalyst liquid that stimulates endogenous bacteria in a safe, fast and effective manner, and is applicable to a wide range of markets. The NRP Products are a mega concentrate for wastewater treatment, that reduces total suspended solids, odor reduction, bioremediation of lakes ponds and streams, bio-solids reduction and improves effluent. Applications of Bio-Stimulant products have proven to be a complete success and already exist for Municipalities, Industrial Plants, Pulp, Poultry, Swine and Cattle processing plants.

The competitive advantages of NRP are, its performance, cost advantages, application protocols for our megaconcentrated Bio-Stimulant, In House Laboratory and Technologically Advanced Application Equip ment with the smallest footprint in the industry providing unlimited location installation, monitoring, information download via the internet. With the use of cellular technology and infinite adjustment flexibility developed by NRP’s equipment division, NRP Prod ucts for wastewater treatment and bioremediation in lakes, ponds and streams substantially decreased bio-solids hauling costs, disposal costs, polymers/flocculent, decreased environmental concerns, electrical costs and ODORS associated with plant operations without the use of laboratory cultured microorganisms or toxic chemicals.