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Gas Scrubbers

Benefits you receive with
NRP Industrial Gas Scrubbers

Works quickly.  Positioned in a municipal manhole, the NRP-90-150 took only 38 seconds to scrub the air in that space from 40 PPM to 5 PPM.

No continuous AC power is required as with other large blower filtering systems.

Gas is filtered with activated carbon then scrubbed with permanganate to deliver a clean air environment in manholes, lift stations and other confined spaces.

Easy to install or re-locate because of the NRP’s small footprint and compact size.

Quiet operation in all environments in the field or in office buildings.

Easy change-out of filter media for all NRP 90 models.  Just remove the bag and replace with a new one.  No mess.

The price is lower than other systems of similar capacity.

NRP 90 Municipal Gas Scrubbers

Lightweight & Portable

Lift Stations / Pump Stations / Confined Spaces
NRP-90-150 Gas Scrubber

The Low Cost Solution for

Obnoxious Gas Removal

Including H2S, Ammonia, and Mercaptan gases.

Municipal Manholes
NRP-90-50 Gas Scrubber

Hard to get at locartions where the use of chemicals isn’t practical, but odor complaints exist from low flows.

Gas relief valves located in manholes.

Designed for saftey in confined spaces.

Siren and strobe alarms during an H2S event!

Industrial Applications
NRP-90-5000 Gas Scrubber

When a little more power is needed!